What is a ring boy? What is a ring girl? Be careful – 結婚式ベビードレス/キッズドレス レンタル ドレシャロン

What is a ring boy? What is a ring girl? Be careful

At a wedding, there are various productions that require cooperation. Among them, The ring girls and ring boys have the role of adding color to the atmosphere of the venue when children appear. is. Because it is a production performed by children, careful consideration is required. Below, we will formally introduce the roles and precautions of ring boys and girls.

Image of ring boy and ring girl before the wedding

What is a ring boy/ring girl?

Ring boy and ring girl refer to the children who play the important role of carrying the wedding rings on the wedding road. The order of walking varies depending on the venue, but the ring boy and ring girl follow the groom along the virgin road. On this occasion, A wedding ring is attached to a ring pillow and the ring is handed to the groom after walking. , then return to the guest seat.

Image of ring boy and ring girl

Points to note and things to check

1.Ring pillow production:

The sight of small children carrying wedding rings is moving is. Adding cute details to your ring pillow will make it even more impressive. However, it is important to maintain a good balance so that the decorations do not stand out too much.
image of ring pillow

2. Ring boy's attire:

Ring boys are also required to wear formal attire. A tuxedo and tie are usually suitable, but if you don't have a child's size or want a cute look, you may want to consider a shorts style. However, due to the nature of the ceremony, Avoid wearing too casual clothes is.

ring boy image

3.Ring girl costume:

A neat dress is suitable for the ring girl. Colors such as white and pale pink are suitable for ceremonies. , it will harmonize with the wedding scene. Don't over-decorate, and try to highlight the bride and groom.

ring girl outfit

4. Consideration of gratitude:

It is polite to provide a simple thank you to the ring boy and ring girl. Similarly, Avoid trouble by clearly conveying your gratitude to your parents. It leads to It is preferable to keep monetary gratitude to a minimum, and to provide support such as by paying for the child's costumes.


Children play the role of ring boy and ring girl, adding color to the special moments of the bride and groom. By carefully selecting and carefully planning the production, A deep impression on the hearts of attendees You can leave. When asking your best friend's child Don't forget to be considerate and create a bond between the bride and groom and their guests. Let's deepen this further.