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5 basic activities to organize busy childcare

When you are busy raising children , you may find yourself overthinking about the various tasks you have to do, which can lead to you not being able to prioritize, or being unable to organize your thoughts and falling into depression . Therefore, if you read the contents below, you will be able to organize your childcare work and reduce your mental burden, so please check it out.

There are five specific minimum requirements for raising infants and young children.

  1. Activity 1: Meal
  2. Activity 2: Excretion
  3. Activity 3: Bathing
  4. Activity 4: Changing clothes
  5. Activity 5: Hairdressing

Activity 1: Meal

Eating can be said to be an especially important activity when raising children, from the perspective of maintaining life . In early childhood, this means giving breast milk or formula. As infants and young children grow physically, their motor functions, fine motor movements of their hands and fingers, and their brain and nerve functions rapidly develop. The energy and nutrients ingested through meals during this period may differ greatly from those in adulthood in that they are needed not only to maintain and improve health and be used for activities, but also for growth and development.

Activity 2: Excretion

The next most important child-rearing activity is toileting , which may be changing diapers if the child is an infant. The food you eat is digested and absorbed by your digestive system and excreted as feces. If you don't change diapers on time or in a timely manner, excrement can cause skin problems and discomfort . It depends on the child's developmental stage, but I think some daycare centers and mothers start potty training as early as around 2 years old.

Activity 3 Activity 4: Bathing and changing clothes

Bathing and changing clothes are basic activities that are necessary on a daily basis to keep infants clean. Let your child do what he or she can do little by little according to the developmental period to encourage growth. On the other hand, care must be taken to ensure that parents do not provide too much support and impede their child's development.

Activity 5: Hairdressing

Activities that you must be careful about while raising your child include grooming, such as cutting nails, cleaning ears, and brushing teeth. Even in early childhood, the dexterity of hands and fingers has not yet developed, so this is one of the activities that parents can help with.

Ideas to encourage activities

During infancy and childhood, it is effective to practice repeatedly by teaching in a way that the child understands and devising tools to use, depending on the state of the child at the time.

Points to remember

As a general rule, work according to your child's growth. In some cases, it may be necessary to arrange for assistance.
Parents aim to improve their child's independence and mental and social development. However, be careful if you become too focused on the activity and force the person to lose their motivation, you will be putting the cart before the horse .