review – 結婚式ベビードレス/キッズドレス レンタル ドレシャロン


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    This was my first time using this hotel to attend my sister's wedding. When it arrived, I was surprised by the careful packaging, and when I looked at the dress, it turned out to be many times more beautiful than I had expected. The tulle part spread out very nicely and the embroidery part was also very cute. Many of the other attendees said, ``So cute💕.'' I'm really glad I chose Dore Sharon! ! I would like to use it again for events. Thank you very much❀

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    I wore this for a photo shoot for my 4th birthday. From the moment I received the box, I was excited by the wonderful packaging, and was overjoyed when the luxurious dress arrived. I received a lot of compliments at the studio, and it became a very fond memory. Thank you very much for your courteous and warm response from beginning to end. I definitely want to wear it again on important milestones.

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    It was a very cute dress 💕 It commemorated my 1st birthday. Thank you for including two pairs of shoes. Thanks to this, I was able to take the photo while standing. I still want to use it.

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    It was a very beautiful dress ☆ I was very happy that everyone said it was cute! ! ! It also included 5 accessories, so I was able to wear the ones that looked good on me ^^) Thank you!

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    This time, I used it as a ring girl costume for a relative's wedding. My daughter loves princesses, but I couldn't find a dress that she liked, so I looked for a lot, but this dress was more voluminous and fluffy than I expected, and she was so happy that she didn't want to take it off. It also came with a lot of accessories and shoes. Thank you for your help! Thank you very much, I will also use it for anniversaries such as birthdays ❣

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    It was a wonderful dress that reminded me of a wedding dress ☆ It looked cute no matter how you looked at it, and both the wearer and her mother were very satisfied ^^) Thank you very much!

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    I'm very, very happy that the size range has increased so that sisters can wear them together 💕 Thank you for the memories ♥ I was able to wear Juliet and Sophia as sisters, and Juliet's is a modest pink, but it has a soft and girly color, and her hair is cute. Her accessories were all pink, making her even more cute. The contrast between the clean chest and the voluminous skirt was “good”! Sophia is definitely the cutest with her collar and three buttons 〇〇〇! ! Just having these three buttons makes it stand out. I thought the same was true for Audrey. This is the kind of dress that will make a lot of people think, "Look at this dress!" thank you very much!

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    I used it for my wedding costume. Thank you very much for providing me with two pairs of shoes. The one I ordered was too small to fit. The dress and accessories were very cute, and my daughter didn't mind wearing them. I would like to use it again if I have the opportunity. thank you very much.

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    Just like Rachel, she wore a very nice dress and I kept thinking ``So cute~♥''. I went up two shoe sizes and they were just the right size. The fur bolero is also very fluffy and the decorative buttons are sparkly and cute. I would like to rent it again for an anniversary when I get a little older. thank you very much.

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    Audrey, I wore a fur bolero. The top was see-through, and the puff sleeves and round collar gave it a neat, mature, and cute look.It was a really nice dress❣The fur bolero also had a bijou, so it was cute and perfect for wearing as a dress even as the weather gets colder. . I want to rent it again! ! thank you very much.

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    Thank you for your very kind response. Each item was carefully packaged and both my daughter and I felt happy from the moment we opened the box ♥

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    Thank you very much for letting me wear such a wonderful dress. It's really well made, and when my daughter saw it, she couldn't help but think, "Wow!" with a twinkle in her eye, and she wore it on the day with a smile on her face ^^) The little princess and I wore matching outfits at the wedding. I was really happy to be able to do it 💕 Thank you for the memories that will last a lifetime! !

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    It was so much cuter, cuter, and cuter than it looked in the photo ♥♥ I felt like I had become a tiny bride, like my wedding dress had become smaller (lol) If I have another opportunity, I will use her again. I would like to have it☆

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    I was able to use Dore Sharon's dress on my sister's important wedding day, and it was a great memory! ! My daughter really stood out as she received a lot of compliments from the guests and staff around her, saying how cute she was. I was surprised at the height! ! Thank you for your kind consideration when my headband was damaged. I would definitely use your service again. Thank you very much (^^)

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    When my daughter wore a dress, everyone complimented her on how cute and nice she was, and she must have been so happy that that evening and the next day, she said, ``Let's wear the dress again and have fun!'' Thank you for the wonderful dress. I was disappointed that only the shoes were small, but they were so cute that I wanted to add all the accessories, so I would rent them again. thank you very much.

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    It was very cute and I'm glad the kids liked it too. It was quite heavy, so it seemed difficult to walk, so I think it would be great if this could be improved.

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    It was amazing and more luxurious than I expected. I was really happy with how cute she looked wearing it. I chose shoes one size larger than usual, but they still felt small. Since she was still a baby, I spent a lot of time holding her and her dress was so bulky that it was difficult to hold her, but I still have fond memories of that.

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    Thank you very much. The dress was more beautiful than I imagined and I think it made my daughter's 1st birthday very special. I think he will be happy when he grows up too. I was so moved by how wonderful and special the dress, head accessories, shoes, and packaging all were!

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    I rented it for a wedding. When my daughter first put it on, she seemed happy with the fluffy skirt and kept twirling around. It was well received, with everyone saying it looked like an angel. I was very grateful that the set included hair accessories and shoes. It was a great satisfaction! thank you very much! !

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    This time too, she was so cute that everyone around her said she looked like an angel! That's what I was told☆Thank you very much.

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    I used it at my daughter's (5 year old) piano recital. It was so cute and my daughter loved it! She seemed happy that everyone said "cute☆". The shoes didn't fit, so I had to get them ready quickly. It said "one size larger than your foot size," but I think it would have been better to say "one size larger than the shoe size you normally wear." I thought it was great that there were so many different types of hair accessories!

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    Thank you very much for this wonderful dress. I searched a lot online and in stores but couldn't find it, but when I saw it on Instagram, I fell in love with it at first sight. I was able to successfully become a ring girl in a really cute dress. I have received many compliments from those around me ☆ I would like to express my sincere gratitude for this wonderful product that is unique. I would like to use them again and would recommend them. It also included a lot of hair accessories and my daughter felt like a princess! !

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    I saw Dore Sharon's Audrey on Instagram and fell in love with it at first sight, so I rented it for the first time. I was a ring girl at the wedding, and everyone told me how cute she was, and she seemed happy to be a princess. I'm really glad I rented this place. Also, if I have a chance to wear it on a sunny stage, I would like to ask for it. thank you very much.

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    Thank you for the wonderful dress. My daughter loved it and was very happy. It was a wonderful memory ^^)

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    Thank you very much for the wonderful and luxurious dress. My daughter was very happy with the dough because it was firm, spread out, and had a lot of volume. Since it was a pink dress, I was happy that the headband was also pink. I really liked the tiara and wore it a lot. I thought it would be very convenient and convenient for busy moms to be able to take care of the total coordination. Thank you very much for your wonderful relationship.

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    Thank you very much for your wonderful relationship. I was nervous because the dress looked so luxurious. I felt that the hair ornaments were individually wrapped, which was very hygienic. I thought it would be nice to have a file with photos of all the rental items.

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    Thank you for your kind advice from the time I made the reservation ^^ The moment I opened the box, I was so excited to see the careful packaging and the beautiful dress and accessories. Anyway, it was cute and the whole family felt happy. thank you very much.