User guide – 結婚式ベビードレス/キッズドレス レンタル ドレシャロン

User guide


Choose design and size

Please select your dress and check your dress size and shoe size in our size guide.


Make a reservation using a special calendar

Open the special calendar from the reservation button,
① Select your dress size,
② Select the pick-up date from the calendar. Go to “Next” ③Select your shoe size.
Please note that the calendar also reflects the reservation status of other people.

*Shoes size <br>As this is an overseas product, it is made small, so please choose two sizes larger than the shoes you usually wear.

*5 types of hair accessories <br>We will coordinate the accessories to match the dress and send them to you. Included in rental price.



Please proceed to "Next" from the reservation calendar and enter your contact information (name, address, phone number) and payment method.


Product shipping & delivery

The product will be delivered to you at Kuroneko Yamato on the first day of use. Delivery excludes some areas. Delivery may be delayed due to unforeseen circumstances such as heavy snow or typhoons.

We don't want to miss such an important appointment, so we ship with plenty of time to spare. To ensure that you can receive your package safely and securely, please be sure to check the date carefully when making a reservation.

The cardboard size will be sent in size 120 for size 1 and size 140 for dresses 3 and 5. Please note that it will not fit into the delivery box.

*Delivery address
If you are too busy to receive the package at home, you can receive it at a location other than your home (parent's home, Yamato office, etc.).

After the item is shipped, we will send you an email with a ``inquiry number'' that will let you know the location of your package.
You can check the delivery status from the Kuroneko Yamato website's package inquiry page.



The rental period is 3 nights and 4 days. Please refer to the "Precautions" for everyone's comfort.



There is no need to arrange cleaning for the return method.
Please use the box you received. (Cash on delivery slip enclosed) Please refer to the return instructions included in the file.
*Return location You can use Yamato Transport stores, convenience stores such as 7-Eleven and Family Mart, and Yamato sales offices.


Sending return completion email

Once the rental item is returned to our store and we have checked its condition, we will send you a ``Return Completed Email''.