Wedding baby & kidsdress Dresharon – 結婚式ベビードレス/キッズドレス レンタル ドレシャロン



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  • Mr. SU Daphne 3
    I used it to take a photo to commemorate my 2 year old. It was a very nice dress, and the person at the photo studio even complimented it. I still want to use it!

  • Mr. YI Audrey No. 5
    thank you for helping me. My daughter seemed happy that so many people said it was a "cute dress" 💕 I'm really glad I was able to rent it. Thank you very much ♥

  • Mr. KH Esther No. 1
    My 7 month old daughter used it and she wore it without any resistance. There are also many accessories included, so when you take them off, you can easily replace them with different accessories. I was able to use it. I'm very satisfied. thank you very much.

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